Phen375 is Fantastic Product


So with my bulking phase finished I have decided to cut all of the fat away and go for the cut ripped look, I have had a lot of experience with many types of fat burners ranging from good to bad, the following I have used are ECA stack “ephedrine” which is now a banned substance clenbuterol which is highly illegal, and T3 cymotel which also prescription only and again highly illegal and can be dangerous for the thyroid, also phentermine which again is now illegal without a prescription and due to the work I do any kind of drug charges for not having a prescription could end my career, and even stop me travelling the world! So whilst searching for a phentermine replacement I came across phen375, a product which looks identical to the original and from my understanding comes from the same family as phentermine but…………… 100% legal.. this seemed like my best option anyhow I was weighing in at 216lbs with a 14% body fat my main goal was to get to 190lbs cut!!!

A physique on which I have my veins popping out and my abs muscles protruding from my t-shirt,,,, chicks love it here in California!!  Normally I am at the gym 4 days straight with 3 rest days at the end “I know I know… not taking a rest between days is bad, but I like my Fridays and weekends so I don’t train those days”  So after 2 days of ordering day my 90 count of phentemine 375 dropped into my mail box with a free extra bottle of 30, I took as described on the label and also downloaded the free diet plan located on their site as it seems to match in with my rapid fat burning plans

1st week hunger was way down even still I was forcing myself to eat the dry brown toast which gives me the energy I need every morning to train hard… one thing I noticed that I was drinking copious amounts of water .. this is a good thing ;) this product along with appetite suppressers and fat burners also contains 2 other ingredients which I used to buy separate.. one is DHEA the natural steroid hormone the helps transport fat, save muscle and keep my testosterone levels tip top while cutting, also l-carnitine which make up a big part of supplements for any extreme gym fanatic…

These 2 products alone I spend around $60 in GNC and this product has high levels of both mixed into the compound… 1st week results at the gym 4lbs down…. 2nd week So far I have had huge blasts of energy in my training which I can only put down to the effects of phen 375.. I can already see the fat being shed off the top layer of my abs…. within 11 days I have already lost 14lbs… obviously I am working on cardio also, and maybe there was a little water weight but 60% of my weight loss in 2 weeks is awesome… from experience the weight loss will slow down and I will have to work harder…. But I have already put in another order of phen to keep my ticking over even while I’m not in a cutting phase.. that way I can have my weekend of beer pizza… and still stay in great shape….. weeks 3-6 will be continued.

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